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Molly Bowen started to fight for clean water after her son’s water well was tested and found to contain dangerous levels of radiation due to Mosaic’s 2016 spill into the Florida aquifer. With 10 grandkids, Molly works harder than ever to organize people to go to meetings and speak out against what is happening. She arranged for multiple water tests and is one of the main people still battling Mosaic’s new attempts to expand into her county. She is a co-founder of the Facebook group #NOSAIC – Against Phosphate Mining Desoto County, and spends her days testing water, creating gatherings and protests, and challenging permits.

Jeremy Block, owner of JB Heavy Equipment Services inc., a land clearing and tree removal company, heard that Mosaic Phosphate LLC was planning on mining in DeSoto county and that a zoning meeting was coming up, he decided to attend the meeting. Without knowing much about the mining process, he did some research on what phosphate mining was and concluded that the cons outweighed the pros significantly. After attending the meeting, Jeremy founded the Facebook ground #NOSAIC – Against Phosphate Mining Desoto County, that way there was a place for people to learn and share information about phosphate mining and the negative effects of it. He continues to battle Mosaic’s newest permit, and attends every county commissioner meeting, live streaming them so all the local activists can keep up with the hearings.

Louella Phillips comes from a long line of miners in her family and was thrown into activism after the 2016 mosaic gypstack leak into the aquifer. Louella started to notice discolored water with all her friends and family getting sick. After being diagnosed with multiple cancers and other illnesses, Louella started going to county meetings for answers. She fights tirelessly to bring attention to the environmental and health impacts of mining. Featured in several documentaries and news stories, Louella has become one of the central activists in the area to try and make a better future for her children and future generations.

Garrett Ramy was the owner of an organic farm that borders land that Mosaic began mining on, but due to the chemical pollution caused by Mosaic’s mining nearby, Garrett lost his organic status from the USDA. Garrett decided to take action and sued Mosaic. Although he lost in court, Garrett has never stopped fighting the expansion of Mosaic’s mining by going to meetings, organizing political groups of activists, and continues to try and stop the pollution caused by mining in other areas.

Stel Bailey is the Chief Executive Director of Fight For Zero, Co’ Facilitator of the National PFAS Contamination Coalition, certified in wildlife monitoring, and is a content administrator behind several online publications. Bailey’s life took a dramatic turn in 2013 when she and 3 other family members were all diagnosed with cancer. Determined to find answers, she began to crowdsource other cancer cases in her hometown on Florida’s space coast. As a cancer survivor and military dependent, Bailey is passionate about helping families and veterans prevent disease by sharing her insights about harmful toxins and their health effects. She has led additional efforts that focus on harmful contaminants, such as assisting in getting a state health assessment, collecting water samples for countywide projects, and partnerships that will help better understand the burdens of contamination and related chronic diseases. Website:

Gary O. Pittman is a former mining operations worker who became a health advocate for miners, and the author of two books Relentless and Phosphate – Fluoride – – Toxic Torts. Gary and his co-workers were systematically exposed to toxic substances while working for Occidental Chemical Corporation’s north Florida phosphoric acid plants and mines. Phosphate – Fluorides – Toxic Torts is a personal narrative by Pittman describing his seven-year battle with Occidental while suffering with chemical poisoning, and the obstacles he had to overcome in the pursuit of compensation. He continues to fight and advocate for worker’s rights.

Karl Deigert is a pharmacist who fulfilled his life’s dream of owning a small Mom and Pops motel in Matlache, Florida.  As a boat Captain, he likes to show people the beautiful islands and waters.  Red Tide, which is fed by phosphate, lasted so long, all businesses in Karl’s area were impacted.  After Karl attended a Florida 67 meeting to learn more about phosphate, he became and has remained an activist, always fighting for nature.  

Norma Killebrew is a legend in the battle against Mosaic.  A retired teacher, Norma has learned ways to stop Mosaic from spreading further by fighting permits.  She makes sure to attend all meetings and communicates with Mosaic HQ frequently.  Even her house is surrounded by Mosaic mining areas.  Norma stays active challenging them every day, as her family members have become sick, she has a very personal interest in stopping this from continuing.   Norma is an example of how one person can win against a huge corporation.


Jamie Coker-Robertson