“Florida is so radioactive that the Fountain of Youth is closed due to radioactivity. People that work in the mine and live near the mines were getting accelerated cancer rates. And in 2011, cancer became the leading cause of death in Florida.” ̶ Erik E. Crown

“The main problem is the chronic poisoning, I call it. They don’t like to hear that word, poisoning, but that’s what it is. I mean, if you inject somebody with a poison, and it kills them right away, it’s kind of showing some mercy, you know what I mean? But just say you give him just a little, little bit every day for 20 years, I call that cruel.” ̶ Gary O. Pittman

“I had two boyfriends. Two. One died before he turned 44 of lung cancer and brain cancer and throat cancer. He suffocated to death. And then I had somebody else that I was close to. And he would have been 52 when he died. He’d died of throat cancer. So, you don’t have to necessarily work at the mines. You have to live around them or drink the water or deal with the soil.” ̶ Louella Phillips

Me and the guys used to laugh about the stickers that would be in there. They would say, “May cause reproductive harm.” And there was like a bunch of stickers in there. We would have them on our hardhats as a joke. But I mean, that doesn’t have anything. It might have something to do with me not being able to have kids. I don’t know. ̶ “Mike

“In 2018, our ground zero for red tide devastation, millions of tons of dead fish, sea life, dolphins, manatees washing up on our beaches all summer long, devastating our environment and our economy. As those phosphorus products make their way into the waterway and feed the cyanobacteria, feed the red tide, it leads to an ecological disaster of millions of tons of fish kills this year, over 200 manatees, over 125 dolphins, over 400 sea turtles, and tons of miscellaneous fish that were killed this year, behind that was economic meltdown.” ̶ Karl Deigert

“Mosaic is self-regulated, so they only have to turn in reports for a balanced pH level, which allows them to dump harmful chemicals and toxins into the water without many people noticing. Mosaic believes that the solution to pollution is dilution. So, they run their water through these outfalls, dump it back into the local creeks and rivers, which eventually works its way out to the ocean” ̶ Erik E. Crown


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