In order to screen the film in your community, a public performance rights (PPR) license is required based on the amount of people who will see the film.  As you can imagine, if the film were to screen for free, the filmmaker (Erik E. Crown) would never re-coup his investment and the film’s distributor would not able to promote or market the film without funds.

A license is needed each time the film is screened publicly, regardless if you have a copy of the DVD.

We’re in the process of setting up a few screening options. This page is about community screenings where an organizer uses a venue of their choice (conventions, festivals, churches, libraries, community centers, backyards, etc.) and offers the film for free to their guests.  They can accept donations to recoup expenses related to the screening event but CAN NOT sell tickets.

Here are the options (click on each for details or to purchase online):

1)    Public Performance Rights License for festival, educational institution, large faith-based venues, for profit organizations – max. 200 people, screens on DVD – $400 + Shipping & Handling

2)    Community Screening – Screens on DVD, up to 50 ppl – $100 + Shipping & Handling

3)    Community Screening – Screens on DVD, up to 100 ppl – $200 + Shipping & Handling

4)    Community Screening – Organizer has DVD, up to 50 ppl – $75

5)    Community Screening – Organizer has DVD, up to 100 ppl- $175

Please send all screening questions, including the following, to [email protected] use subject line: Phosfate screening inquiry

–       Charging admission

–       International screenings & Festivals

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–       In Theatre options

–       Virtual Screening options


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